System Demonstrations–Accepted Papers

You can find the accepted system demonstration papers in the ACL Anthology:

Addressing Issues of Cross-Linguality in Open-Retrieval Question Answering Systems For Emergent Domains
Alon Albalak, Sharon Levy and William Yang Wang

CodeAnno: Extending WebAnno with Hierarchical Document Level Annotation and Automation
Florian Schneider, Seid Muhie Yimam, Fynn Petersen-Frey, Gerret von Nordheim, Katharina Kleinen-von Königslöw and Chris Biemann

NLP Workbench: Efficient and Extensible Integration of State-of-the-art Text Mining Tools
Peiran Yao, Matej Kosmajac, Abeer Waheed, Kostyantyn Guzhva, Natalie Hervieux and Denilson Barbosa

jTLEX: a Java Library for TimeLine EXtraction
Mustafa Ocal, Akul Singh, Jared Hummer, Antonela Radas and Mark Finlayson

CovRelex-SE: Adding Semantic Information for Relation Search via Sequence Embedding
Truong Dinh Do, Chau Nguyen, Vu Tran, Ken Satoh, Yuji Matsumoto and Minh Le Nguyen

ITMT: Interactive Topic Model Trainer
Lorena Calvo-Bartolomé, José Antonio Espinosa Melchor and Jerónimo Arenas-García

FISH: A Financial Interactive System for Signal Highlighting
Ta-Wei Huang, Jia-Huei Ju, Yu-Shiang Huang, Cheng-Wei Lin, Yi-Shyuan Chiang and Chuan-Ju Wang

Yu Sheng: Human-in-Loop Classical Chinese Poetry Generation System
Jingkun Ma, Runzhe Zhan and Derek F. Wong

PANACEA: An Automated Misinformation Detection System on COVID-19
Runcong Zhao, Miguel Arana-Catania, Lixing Zhu, Elena Kochkina, Lin Gui, Arkaitz Zubiaga, Rob Procter, Maria Liakata and Yulan He

NxPlain: A Web-based Tool for Discovery of Latent Concepts
Fahim Dalvi, Nadir Durrani, Hassan Sajjad, Tamim Jaban, Mus’ab Husaini and Ummar Abbas

Small-Text: Active Learning for Text Classification in Python
Christopher Schröder, Lydia Müller, Andreas Niekler and Martin Potthast

kogito: A Commonsense Knowledge Inference Toolkit
Mete Ismayilzada and Antoine Bosselut

Text-Blueprint: An Interactive Platform for Plan-based Conditional Generation
Fantine Huot, Joshua Maynez, Shashi Narayan, Reinald Kim Amplayo, Kuzman Ganchev, Annie Priyadarshini Louis, Anders Sandholm, Dipanjan Das and Mirella Lapata

ALAMBIC : Active Learning Automation Methods to Battle Inefficient Curation
Charlotte Nachtegael, Jacopo De Stefani and Tom Lenaerts

SPINDLE: Spinning Raw Text into Lambda Terms with Graph Attention
Konstantinos Kogkalidis, Michael Moortgat and Richard Moot

Linguistic Constructs Represent the Domain Model in Intelligent Language Tutoring
Anisia Katinskaia, Jue Hou, Anh-Duc Vu and Roman Yangarber

GATE Teamware 2: An open-source tool for collaborative document classification annotation
David Wilby, Twin Karmakharm, Ian Roberts, Xingyi Song and Kalina Bontcheva

GameQA: Gamified Mobile App Platform for Building Multiple-Domain Question-Answering Datasets
Njall Skarphedinsson, Breki Gudmundsson, Steinar Smari, Marta Kristin Larusdottir, Hafsteinn Einarsson, Abuzar Khan, Eric Nyberg and Hrafn Loftsson

Towards Speech to Speech Machine Translation focusing on Indian Languages
Vandan Vasantlal Mujadia and Dipti Sharma

TextWorldExpress: Simulating Text Games at One Million Steps Per Second
Peter Jansen and Marc-Alexandre Côté

TermoUD - a language-independent terminology extraction tool
Malgorzata Marciniak, Piotr Rychlik and Agnieszka Mykowiecka

INCOGNITUS: A Toolbox for Automated Clinical Notes Anonymization
Bruno Ribeiro, Vitor Rolla and Ricardo Santos

CoTEVer: Chain of Thought Prompting Annotation Toolkit for Explanation Verification
Seungone Kim, Se June Joo, Yul Jang, Hyungjoo Chae and Jinyoung Yeo

OLEA: Tool and Infrastructure for Offensive Language Error Analysis in English
Marie Grace, Jay Seabrum, Dananjay Srinivas and Alexis Palmer

TULAP - An Accessible and Sustainable Platform for Turkish Natural Language Processing Resources
Susan Uskudarli, Muhammet Şen, Furkan Salih Akkurt, Merve Gürbüz, Onur Gungor, Arzucan Özgür and Tunga Güngör

ALANNO: An Active Learning Annotation System for Mortals
Josip Jukic, Fran Jelenić, Miroslav Bićanić and Jan Snajder

Automatically Summarizing Evidence from Clinical Trials: A Prototype Highlighting Current Challenges
Sanjana Ramprasad, Jered McInerney, Iain Marshall and Byron C. Wallace

Corpus Annotation Graph Builder (CAG): An Architectural Framework to Create and Annotate a Multi-source Graph
Roxanne El Baff, Tobias Hecking, Andreas Hamm, Jasper W. Korte and Sabine Bartsch

ferret: a Framework for Benchmarking Explainers on Transformers
Giuseppe Attanasio, Eliana Pastor, Chiara Di Bonaventura and Debora Nozza

Learn With Martian: A Tool For Creating Assignments That Can Write And Re-Write Themselves
Shriyash Upadhyay, Chris Callison-Burch and Etan Ginsberg

EVALIGN: Visual Evaluation of Translation Alignment Models
Tariq Yousef, Gerhard Heyer and Stefan J�nicke

ALLECS: A Lightweight Language Error Correction System
Muhammad Reza Qorib, Geonsik Moon and Hwee Tou Ng

DAVE: Differential Diagnostic Analysis Automation and Visualization from Clinical Notes
Hadi Hamoud, Fadi Zaraket, Chadi Hadi Abou Chakra and Mira Khaled Dankar