Findings Accepted Papers

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Long Papers

“Chère maison” or “maison chère”? Transformer-based prediction of adjective placement in French
Eleni Metheniti, Tim Van de Cruys, Wissam Kerkri, Juliette Thuilier and Nabil Hathout

[MASK] Insertion: a robust method for anti-adversarial attacks
Xinrong Hu, Ce Xu, Junlong Ma, Zijian Huang, Jie Yang, Yi Guo and Johan Barthelemy

“Why do I feel offended?” - Korean Dataset for Offensive Language Identification
San-Hee Park, Kang-Min Kim, O-Joun Lee, Youjin Kang, Jaewon Lee, Su-Min Lee and SangKeun Lee

A Large-Scale Multilingual Study of Visual Constraints on Linguistic Selection of Descriptions
Uri Berger, Lea Frermann, Gabriel Stanovsky and Omri Abend

A Multilingual Dataset of Racial Stereotypes in Social Media Conversational Threads
Tom Bourgeade, Alessandra Teresa Cignarella, Simona Frenda, Mario Laurent, Wolfgang Sebastian Schmeisser-Nieto, Farah Benamara, Cristina Bosco, Véronique MORICEAU, Viviana Patti and Mariona Taulé

A Neural CRF-based Hierarchical Approach for Linear Text Segmentation
Inderjeet Jayakumar Nair, Aparna Garimella, Balaji Vasan Srinivasan, Natwar Modani, Niyati Chhaya, Srikrishna Karanam and Sumit Shekhar

A Question of Style: A Dataset for Analyzing Formality on Different Levels
Elisabeth Eder, Ulrike Krieg-Holz and Michael Wiegand

A Survey on Dynamic Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing
Canwen Xu and Julian McAuley

A Survey on Recent Advances in Keyphrase Extraction from Pre-trained Language Models
Mingyang Song, Yi Feng and Liping Jing

Active PETs: Active Data Annotation Prioritisation for Few-Shot Claim Verification with Pattern Exploiting Training
Xia Zeng and Arkaitz Zubiaga

An Intra-Class Relation Guided Approach for Code Comment Generation
Zhenni Wang, Xiaohan Yu, Yansong Feng and Dongyan Zhao

Analyzing the Effectiveness of the Underlying Reasoning Tasks in Multi-hop Question Answering
Xanh Ho, Anh-Khoa Duong Nguyen, Saku Sugawara and Akiko Aizawa

Are the Best Multilingual Document Embeddings simply Based on Sentence Embeddings?
Sonal Sannigrahi, Josef van Genabith and Cristina España-Bonet

Augmenting pre-trained language models with audio feature embedding for argumentation mining in political debates
Rafael Mestre, Stuart E. Middleton, Matt Ryan, Masood Gheasi, Timothy J. Norman and Jiatong Zhu

Bag of Tricks for In-Distribution Calibration of Pretrained Transformers
Jaeyoung Kim, Dongbin Na, Sungchul Choi and Sungbin Lim

Benchmark Data and Evaluation Framework for Intent Discovery Around COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy
Shai Gretz, Assaf Toledo, Roni Friedman, Dan Lahav, Rose Weeks, Naor Bar-Zeev, João Sedoc, Pooja Sangha, Yoav Katz and Noam Slonim

Benchmarking Long-tail Generalization with Likelihood Splits
Ameya Godbole and Robin Jia

Best Practices in the Creation and Use of Emotion Lexicons
Saif M. Mohammad

Better Pre-Training by Reducing Representation Confusion
Haojie Zhang, Mingfei Liang, Ruobing Xie, Zhenlong Sun, Bo Zhang and Leyu Lin

Bounding the Capabilities of Large Language Models in Open Text Generation with Prompt Constraints
Albert Lu, Hongxin Zhang, Yanzhe Zhang, Xuezhi Wang and Diyi Yang

Bridging Argument Quality and Deliberative Quality Annotations with Adapters
Neele Falk and Gabriella Lapesa

Bridging the Gap between Native Text and Translated Text through Adversarial Learning: A Case Study on Cross-Lingual Event Extraction
Pengfei Yu, Jonathan May and Heng Ji

CALM-Bench: A Multi-task Benchmark for Evaluating Causality-Aware Language Models
Dhairya Dalal, Paul Buitelaar and Mihael Arcan

Can Demographic Factors Improve Text Classification? Revisiting Demographic Adaptation in the Age of Transformers
Chia-Chien Hung, Anne Lauscher, Dirk Hovy, Simone Paolo Ponzetto and Goran Glavaš

Causal Reasoning of Entities and Events in Procedural Texts
Li Zhang, Hainiu Xu, Yue Yang, Shuyan Zhou, Weiqiu You, Manni Arora and Chris Callison-Burch

Cheating to Identify Hard Problems for Neural Machine Translation
Proyag Pal and Kenneth Heafield

CIKQA: Learning Commonsense Inference with a Unified Knowledge-in-the-loop QA Paradigm
Hongming Zhang, Yintong Huo, Yanai Elazar, Yangqiu Song, Yoav Goldberg and Dan Roth

Cloze Quality Estimation for Language Assessment
Zizheng Zhang, Masato Mita and Mamoru Komachi

Combining Psychological Theory with Language Models for Suicide Risk Detection
Daniel Izmaylov, Avi Segal, Kobi Gal, meytal grimland and Yossi Levi-Belz

Context Generation Improves Open Domain Question Answering
Dan Su, Mostofa Patwary, Shrimai Prabhumoye, Peng Xu, Ryan J. Prenger, Mohammad Shoeybi, Pascale Fung, Anima Anandkumar and Bryan Catanzaro

Crawling The Internal Knowledge-Base of Language Models
Roi Cohen, Mor Geva, Jonathan Berant and Amir Globerson

Cross-Lingual Question Answering over Knowledge Base as Reading Comprehension
Chen Zhang, Yuxuan Lai, Yansong Feng, Xingyu Shen, Haowei Du and Dongyan Zhao

Cross-Lingual Transfer of Cognitive Processing Complexity
Charlotte Pouw, Nora Hollenstein and Lisa Beinborn

Curricular Next Conversation Prediction Pretraining for Transcript Segmentation
Anvesh Rao Vijjini, Hanieh Deilamsalehy, Franck Dernoncourt and Snigdha Chaturvedi

Data Augmentation for Radiology Report Simplification
Ziyu Yang, Santhosh Cherian and Slobodan Vucetic

DATScore: Evaluating Translation with Data Augmented Translations
Moussa Kamal Eddine, Guokan Shang and Michalis Vazirgiannis

Decipherment as Regression: Solving Historical Substitution Ciphers by Learning Symbol Recurrence Relations
Nishant Kambhatla, Logan Born and Anoop Sarkar

Delving Deeper into Cross-lingual Visual Question Answering
Chen Cecilia Liu, Jonas Pfeiffer, Anna Korhonen, Ivan Vulić and Iryna Gurevych

Discourse Structure Extraction from Pre-Trained and Fine-Tuned Language Models in Dialogues
Chuyuan Li, Patrick Huber, Wen Xiao, Maxime Amblard, Chloe Braud and Giuseppe Carenini

Distillation of encoder-decoder transformers for sequence labelling
Marco Farina, Duccio Pappadopulo, Anant Gupta, Leslie Huang, Ozan Irsoy and Thamar Solorio

Distinguishability Calibration to In-Context Learning
Hongjing Li, Hanqi Yan, Yanran Li, Li Qian, Yulan He and Lin Gui

Does Transliteration Help Multilingual Language Modeling?
Ibraheem Muhammad Moosa, Mahmud Elahi Akhter and Ashfia Binte Habib

Double Retrieval and Ranking for Accurate Question Answering
Zeyu Zhang, Thuy Vu and Alessandro Moschitti

EDU-level Extractive Summarization with Varying Summary Lengths
Yuping Wu, Ching-Hsun Tseng, Jiayu Shang, Shengzhong Mao, Goran Nenadic and Xiao-Jun X. Zeng

Embedding Recycling for Language Models
Jon Saad-Falcon, Amanpreet Singh, Luca Soldaini, Mike D’Arcy, Arman Cohan and Doug Downey

Enhancing Dialogue Generation with Conversational Concept Flows
Siheng Li, Wangjie Jiang, Pengda Si, Cheng Yang, Qiu Yao, Jinchao Zhang, Jie Zhou and Yujiu Yang

Evaluating the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion of NLP Technology: A Case Study for Indian Languages
Simran Khanuja, Sebastian Ruder and Partha Talukdar

Evaluating the Tradeoff Between Abstractiveness and Factuality in Abstractive Summarization
Markus Dreyer, Mengwen Liu, Feng Nan, Sandeep S. Atluri and Sujith Ravi

Exploiting Language Characteristics for Legal Domain-Specific Language Model Pretraining
Inderjeet Jayakumar Nair and Natwar Modani

Exploring Enhanced Code-Switched Noising for Pretraining in Neural Machine Translation
Vivek Iyer, Arturo Oncevay and Alexandra Birch

ezCoref: Towards Unifying Annotation Guidelines for Coreference Resolution
Ankita Gupta, Marzena Karpinska, Wenlong Zhao, Kalpesh Krishna, Jack Merullo, Luke Yeh, Mohit Iyyer and Brendan O’Connor

Fairness in Language Models Beyond English: Gaps and Challenges
Krithika Ramesh, Sunayana Sitaram and Monojit Choudhury

FedPerC: Federated Learning for Language Generation with Personal and Context Preference Embeddings
Andrew Silva, Pradyumna Tambwekar and Matthew Gombolay

Few-Shot Structured Policy Learning for Multi-Domain and Multi-Task Dialogues
Thibault Cordier, Tanguy Urvoy, Fabrice Lefèvre and Lina M. Rojas Barahona

Fighting FIRe with FIRE: Assessing the Validity of Text-to-Video Retrieval Benchmarks
Pedro Rodriguez, Mahmoud Azab, Becka W. Silvert, Renato F. Sanchez, Linzy Labson, Hardik Shah and Seungwhan Moon

Fine-Tuning Deteriorates General Textual Out-of-Distribution Detection by Distorting Task-Agnostic Features
Sishuo Chen, Wenkai Yang, Xiaohan Bi and Xu Sun

Gauging the Gap Between Human and Machine Text Simplification Through Analytical Evaluation of Simplification Strategies and Errors
Daichi Yamaguchi, Rei Miyata, Sayuka Shimada and Satoshi Sato

Generative Knowledge Selection for Knowledge-Grounded Dialogues
Weiwei Sun, Pengjie Ren and Zhaochun Ren

Global Constraints with Prompting for Zero-Shot Event Argument Classification
Zizheng Lin, Hongming Zhang and Yangqiu Song

Going beyond research datasets: Novel intent discovery in the industry setting
Aleksandra Chrabrowa, Tsimur Hadeliya, Dariusz Kajtoch, Robert Mroczkowski and Piotr Rybak

Hierarchical3D Adapters for Long Video-to-text Summarization
Pinelopi Papalampidi and Mirella Lapata

ICA-Proto: Iterative Cross Alignment Prototypical Network for Incremental Few-Shot Relation Classification
Wangjie Jiang, Zhihao Ye, Bang Liu, Ruihui Zhao, jianguang zheng, Mengyao Li, Zhiyong Li, Yujiu Yang and Yefeng Zheng

ImaginE: An Imagination-Based Automatic Evaluation Metric for Natural Language Generation
Wanrong Zhu, Xin Eric Wang, An Yan, Miguel Eckstein and William Yang Wang

Implicit Temporal Reasoning for Evidence-Based Fact-Checking
Liesbeth Allein, Marlon Saelens, Ruben Cartuyvels and Marie-Francine Moens

Improving Prediction Backward-Compatiblility in NLP Model Upgrade with Gated Fusion
Yi-An Lai, Elman Mansimov, YUQING XIE and Yi Zhang

Improving Unsupervised Out-of-domain detection through Pseudo Labeling and Learning
Byounghan Lee, Jaesik Kim, Junekyu Park and Kyung-Ah Sohn

Infusing Context and Knowledge Awareness in Multi-turn Dialog Understanding
Ting-Wei Wu and Biing Juang

Intent Identification and Entity Extraction for Healthcare Queries in Indic Languages
Ankan Mullick, Ishani Mondal, Sourjyadip Ray, Raghav R, G Sai Chaitanya and Pawan Goyal

Interventional Probing in High Dimensions: An NLI Case Study
Julia Rozanova, Marco Valentino, Lucas Cordeiro and André Freitas

Investigating anatomical bias in clinical machine learning algorithms
Jannik Skyttegaard Pedersen, Martin S. Laursen, Pernille Just Vinholt, Anne Bryde Alnor and Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu

JBLiMP: Japanese Benchmark of Linguistic Minimal Pairs
Taiga Someya and Yohei Oseki

JobXMLC: EXtreme Multi-Label Classification of Job Skills with Graph Neural Networks
Nidhi Goyal, Jushaan S. Kalra, Charu Dr. Sharma, Raghava Mutharaju, Niharika Sachdeva and Ponnurangam Kumaraguru

Joint Reasoning on Hybrid-knowledge sources for Task-Oriented Dialog
Mayank Mishra, Danish Contractor and Dinesh Raghu

Joint Word and Morpheme Segmentation with Bayesian Non-Parametric Models
Shu Okabe and François Yvon

Language Model Decoding as Likelihood–Utility Alignment
Martin Josifoski, Maxime Peyrard, Frano Rajič, Jiheng Wei, Debjit Paul, Valentin Hartmann, Barun Patra, Vishrav Chaudhary, Emre Kiciman, Boi Faltings and Robert West

Language-Aware Multilingual Machine Translation with Self-Supervised Learning
Haoran Xu, Jean Maillard and Vedanuj Goswami

Large Language Models are few(1)-shot Table Reasoners
Wenhu Chen

Learning Disentangled Representations for Natural Language Definitions
Danilo Silva de Carvalho, Giangiacomo Mercatali, yingji zhang and André Freitas

Learning the Effects of Physical Actions in a Multi-modal Environment
Gautier Dagan, Frank Keller and Alex Lascarides

Learning to Retrieve Engaging Follow-Up Queries
Christopher G. Richardson, Sudipta Kar, Anjishnu Kumar, Anand Ramachandran, Zeynab Raeesy, Omar Zia Khan and Abhinav Sethy

LED: A Dataset for Life Event Extraction from Dialogs
Yi-Pei Chen, An-Zi Yen, Hen-Hsen Huang, Hideki Nakayama and Hsin-Hsi Chen

Lexical Semantics with Large Language Models: A Case Study of English “break”
Erika Petersen and Christopher Potts

Lightweight Spatial Modeling for Combinatorial Information Extraction From Documents
Yanfei Dong, Lambert Deng, Jiazheng Zhang, Xiaodong Yu, Ting Lin, Francesco Gelli, Soujanya Poria and Wee Sun Lee

Long Document Summarization with Top-down and Bottom-up Inference
Bo Pang, Erik Nijkamp, Wojciech Kryscinski, Silvio Savarese, Yingbo Zhou and Caiming Xiong

Long-tailed Extreme Multi-label Text Classification by the Retrieval of Generated Pseudo Label Descriptions
Ruohong Zhang, Yau-Shian Wang, Yiming Yang, Donghan Yu, Tom Vu and Likun Lei

Longtonotes: OntoNotes with Longer Coreference Chains
Kumar Shridhar, Nicholas Monath, Raghuveer Thirukovalluru, Alessandro Stolfo, Manzil Zaheer, Andrew McCallum and Mrinmaya Sachan

Machine Translation between Spoken Languages and Signed Languages Represented in SignWriting
Zifan Jiang, Amit Moryossef, Mathias Müller and Sarah Ebling

Mini But Mighty: Efficient Multilingual Pretraining with Linguistically-Informed Data Selection
Tolulope Ogunremi, Dan Jurafsky and Christopher D. Manning

MLASK: Multimodal Summarization of Video-based News Articles
Mateusz Krubiński and Pavel Pecina

Model-Agnostic Bias Measurement in Link Prediction
Lena Schwertmann, Manoj Prabhakar Kannan Ravi and Gerard de Melo

Modelling Language Acquisition through Syntactico-Semantic Pattern Finding
Jonas Doumen, Katrien Beuls and Paul Van Eecke

Multi-View Source Ablation for Faithful Summarization
Shuyang Cao, Liang Ma, Di Lu, Robert L Logan IV, Joel Tetreault and Alejandro Jaimes

MultiFin: A Dataset for Multilingual Financial NLP
Rasmus Kær Jørgensen, Oliver Brandt, Mareike Hartmann, Xiang Dai, Christian Igel and Desmond Elliott

MUTANT: A Multi-sentential Code-mixed Hinglish Dataset
Rahul Gupta, Vivek Srivastava and Mayank Singh

NapSS: Paragraph-level Medical Text Simplification via Narrative Prompting and Sentence-matching Summarization
Junru Lu, Jiazheng Li, Byron C. Wallace, Yulan He and Gabriele Pergola

Neural Ranking with Weak Supervision for Open-Domain Question Answering : A Survey
Xiaoyu Shen, Svitlana Vakulenko, Marco Del Tredici, Gianni Barlacchi, Bill Byrne and Adria de Gispert

Noisy Parallel Data Alignment
Ruoyu Xie and Antonios Anastasopoulos

Novel Feature Discovery for Task-Oriented Dialog Systems
Vinh Thinh Ho, Mohamed Soliman and Abdalghani Abujabal

Open Information Extraction with Entity Focused Constraints
Prajna Upadhyay, Oana Balalau and Ioana Manolescu

Our kind of people? Detecting populist references in political debates
Christopher Klamm, Ines Rehbein and Simone Paolo Ponzetto

Paparazzi: A Deep Dive into the Capabilities of Language and Vision Models for Grounding Viewpoint Descriptions
Henrik Voigt, Jan Hombeck, Monique Meuschke, Kai Lawonn and Sina Zarrieß

Paper Bullets: Modeling Propaganda with the Help of Metaphor
Daniel Baleato Rodríguez, Verna Dankers, Preslav Nakov and Ekaterina Shutova

PePe: Personalized Post-editing Model utilizing User-generated Post-edits
Jihyeon Lee, TaeHee Kim, Yunwon Tae, Cheonbok Park and Jaegul Choo

Performance and Risk Trade-offs for Multi-word Text Prediction at Scale
Aniket Vashishtha, S Sai Krishna Prasad, Payal Bajaj, Vishrav Chaudhary, Kate Cook, Sandipan Dandapat, Sunayana Sitaram and Monojit Choudhury

PLACES: Prompting Language Models for Social Conversation Synthesis
Maximillian Chen, Alexandros Papangelis, Chenyang Tao, Seokhwan Kim, Andy Rosenbaum, Yang Liu, Zhou Yu and Dilek Hakkani-Tur

Plan-then-Seam: Towards Efficient Table-to-Text Generation
Liang Li, Ruiying Geng, Chengyang Fang, Bing Li, Can Ma, Binhua Li and Yongbin Li

Practical Takes on Federated Learning with Pretrained Language Models
Ankur Agarwal, Mehdi Rezagholizadeh and Prasanna Parthasarathi

Predicting Desirable Revisions of Evidence and Reasoning in Argumentative Writing
Tazin Afrin and Diane Litman

PREME: Preference-based Meeting Exploration through an Interactive Questionnaire
Negar Arabzadeh, Ali Ahmadvand, Julia Kiseleva, Yang Liu, Ahmed Hassan Awadallah, MIng Zhong and Milad Shokouhi

PriMeSRL-Eval: A Practical Quality Metric for Semantic Role Labeling Systems Evaluation
Ishan Jindal, Alexandre Rademaker, Khoi-Nguyen Tran, Huaiyu Zhu, Hiroshi Kanayama, Marina Danilevsky and Yunyao Li

Program Synthesis for Complex QA on Charts via Probabilistic Grammar Based Filtered Iterative Back-Translation
Shabbirhussain Bhaisaheb, Shubham Paliwal, Rajaswa Patil, Manasi Patwardhan, Lovekesh Vig and Gautam Shroff

Prompting for explanations improves Adversarial NLI. Is this true? {Yes} it is {true} because {it weakens superficial cues}
Pride Kavumba, Ana Brassard, Benjamin Heinzerling and Kentaro Inui

PubMedCLIP: How Much Does CLIP Benefit Visual Question Answering in the Medical Domain?
Sedigheh Sarah Eslami, Christoph Meinel and Gerard de Melo

Reading and Reasoning over Chart Images for Evidence-based Automated Fact-Checking
Mubashara Akhtar, Oana Cocarascu and Elena Simperl

Realistic Citation Count Prediction Task for Newly Published Papers
Jun Hirako, Ryohei Sasano and Koichi Takeda

Reassessing Evaluation Practices in Visual Question Answering: A Case Study on Out-of-Distribution Generalization
Aishwarya Agrawal, Ivana Kajic, Emanuele Bugliarello, Elnaz Davoodi, Anita Gergely, Phil Blunsom and Aida Nematzadeh

RedHOT: A Corpus of Annotated Medical Questions, Experiences, and Claims on Social Media
Somin Wadhwa, Vivek Khetan, Silvio Amir and Byron C. Wallace

Reliable Gradient-free and Likelihood-free Prompt Tuning
Maohao Shen, Soumya Ghosh, Prasanna Sattigeri, Subhro Das, Yuheng Bu and Gregory Wornell

Revisiting Intermediate Layer Distillation for Compressing Language Models: An Overfitting Perspective
Jongwoo Ko, Seungjoon Park, Minchan Jeong, Sukjin Hong, Euijai Ahn, Du-Seong Chang and Se-Young Yun

Revisiting Offline Compression: Going Beyond Factorization-based Methods for Transformer Language Models
Mohammadreza Banaei, Klaudia Patrycja Bałazy, Artur Kasymov, Rémi Lebret, Jacek Tabor and Karl Aberer

Scalable Prompt Generation for Semi-supervised Learning with Language Models
Yuhang Zhou, Suraj Maharjan and Beiye Liu

Searching for Better Database Queries in the Outputs of Semantic Parsers
Anton Osokin, Irina Saparina and Ramil Yarullin

Selective-LAMA: Selective Prediction for Confidence-Aware Evaluation of Language Models
Hiyori Yoshikawa and Naoaki Okazaki

Self-Supervised Unimodal Label Generation Strategy Using Recalibrated Modality Representations for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
Yewon Hwang and Jong-Hwan Kim

Sentence Identification with BOS and EOS Label Combinations
Takuma Udagawa, Hiroshi Kanayama and Issei Yoshida

Simple and Effective Multi-Token Completion from Masked Language Models
Oren Kalinsky, Guy Kushilevitz, Alexander Libov and Yoav Goldberg

SMATCH++: Standardized and Extended Evaluation of Semantic Graphs
Juri Opitz

SMHD-GER: A Large-Scale Benchmark Dataset for Automatic Mental Health Detection from Social Media in German
Sourabh Satish Zanwar, Daniel Wiechmann, Yu Qiao and Elma Kerz

Spelling convention sensitivity in neural language models
Elizabeth Nielsen, Christo Kirov and Brian Roark

Stabilized In-Context Learning with Pre-trained Language Models for Few Shot Dialogue State Tracking
Derek Chen, Kun Qian and Zhou Yu

Style-Aware Contrastive Learning for Multi-Style Image Captioning
Yucheng Zhou and Guodong Long

SWING: Balancing Coverage and Faithfulness for Dialogue Summarization
Kung-Hsiang Huang, Siffi Singh, Xiaofei Ma, Wei Xiao, Feng Nan, Nicholas Dingwall, William Yang Wang and Kathleen McKeown

Task-specific Compression for Multi-task Language Models using Attribution-based Pruning
Nakyeong Yang, Yunah Jang, Hwanhee Lee, Seohyeong Jeong and Kyomin Jung

Text-Derived Knowledge Helps Vision: A Simple Cross-modal Distillation for Video-based Action Anticipation
Sayontan Ghosh, Tanvi Aggarwal, Minh Hoai and Niranjan Balasubramanian

The Role of Semantic Parsing in Understanding Procedural Text
Hossein Rajaby Faghihi, Parisa Kordjamshidi, Choh Man Teng and James Allen

The Solvability of Interpretability Evaluation Metrics
Yilun Zhou and Julie Shah

Topic Ontologies for Arguments
Yamen Ajjour, Johannes Kiesel, Benno Stein and Martin Potthast

Towards End-to-End Open Conversational Machine Reading
Sizhe Zhou, Siru Ouyang, Zhuosheng Zhang and Hai Zhao

Towards Fine-tuning Pre-trained Language Models with Integer Forward and Backward Propagation
Mohammadreza Tayaranian Hosseini, Alireza Ghaffari, Marzieh S. Tahaei, Mehdi Rezagholizadeh, Masoud Asgharian and Vahid Partovi Nia

Trained on 100 million words and still in shape: BERT meets British National Corpus
David Samuel, Andrey Kutuzov, Lilja Øvrelid and Erik Velldal

Transformers with Learnable Activation Functions
Haishuo Fang, Ji-Ung Lee, Nafise Sadat Moosavi and Iryna Gurevych

Translate First Reorder Later: Leveraging Monotonicity in Semantic Parsing
Francesco Cazzaro, Davide Locatelli, Ariadna Julieta Quattoni and Xavier Carreras

Unsupervised Keyphrase Extraction via Interpretable Neural Networks
Rishabh Joshi, Vidhisha Balachandran, Emily Saldanha, Maria Glenski, Svitlana Volkova and Yulia Tsvetkov

Using Punctuation as an Adversarial Attack on Deep Learning-Based NLP Systems: An Empirical Study
Brian Formento, Chuan-Sheng Foo, Anh Tuan Luu and See-Kiong Ng

ViLPAct: A Benchmark for Compositional Generalization on Multimodal Human Activities
Terry Yue Zhuo, Yaqing Liao, Yuecheng Lei, Lizhen Qu, Gerard de Melo, Xiaojun Chang, Yazhou Ren and Zenglin Xu

Visualize Before You Write: Imagination-Guided Open-Ended Text Generation
Wanrong Zhu, An Yan, Yujie Lu, Wenda Xu, Xin Eric Wang, Miguel Eckstein and William Yang Wang

XQA-DST: Multi-Domain and Multi-Lingual Dialogue State Tracking
Han Zhou, Ignacio Iacobacci and Pasquale Minervini

Zero-Shot On-the-Fly Event Schema Induction
Rotem Dror, Haoyu Wang and Dan Roth

Zero-shot Transfer of Article-aware Legal Outcome Classification for European Court of Human Rights Cases
Santosh T.Y.S.S, Oana Marcela Ichim and Matthias Grabmair

Short Papers

A corpus of metaphors as register markers
Markus Egg and Valia Kordoni

A Multi-dimensional Evaluation of Tokenizer-free Multilingual Pretrained Models
Jimin Sun, Patrick Fernandes, Xinyi Wang and Graham Neubig

Abstractive Document Summarization with Summary-length Prediction
Jingun Kwon, Hidetaka Kamigaito and Manabu Okumura

Active Learning for Multilingual Semantic Parser
Zhuang Li and Gholamreza Haffari

AdapterSoup: Weight Averaging to Improve Generalization of Pretrained Language Models
Alexandra Chronopoulou, Matthew Peters, Alexander Fraser and Jesse Dodge

AmbiCoref: Evaluating Human and Model Sensitivity to Ambiguous Coreference
Yuewei Yuan, Chaitanya Malaviya and Mark Yatskar

An Extended Sequence Tagging Vocabulary for Grammatical Error Correction
Stuart Mesham, Christopher Bryant, Marek Rei and Zheng Yuan

Assessing Monotonicity Reasoning in Dutch through Natural Language Inference
Gijs Wijnholds

BanglaNLG and BanglaT5: Benchmarks and Resources for Evaluating Low-Resource Natural Language Generation in Bangla
Abhik Bhattacharjee, Tahmid Hasan, Wasi Uddin Ahmad and Rifat Shahriyar

Bridging the Gap between Pre-Training and Fine-Tuning for Commonsense Generation
Haoran Yang, Yan Wang, Piji Li, Wei Bi, Wai Lam and Chen Xu

CK-Transformer: Commonsense Knowledge Enhanced Transformers for Referring Expression Comprehension
Zhi Zhang, Helen Yannakoudakis, Xiantong Zhen and Ekaterina Shutova

Data-Efficient Methods For Improving Hate Speech Detection
Sumegh Roychowdhury and Vikram Gupta

Detecting Contextomized Quotes in News Headlines by Contrastive Learning
Seonyeong Song, Hyeonho Song, Kunwoo Park, Jiyoung Han and Meeyoung Cha

Divergence-Based Domain Transferability for Zero-Shot Classification
Alexander Pugantsov and Richard McCreadie

Does Masked Language Model Pre-training with Artificial Data Improve Low-resource Neural Machine Translation?
Hiroto Tamura, Tosho Hirasawa, Hwichan Kim and Mamoru Komachi

Empirical Investigation of Neural Symbolic Reasoning Strategies
Yoichi Aoki, Keito Kudo, Tatsuki Kuribayashi, Ana Brassard, Masashi Yoshikawa, Keisuke Sakaguchi and Kentaro Inui

Entity-Aware Dual Co-Attention Network for Fake News Detection
Sin-Han Yang, Chung-Chi Chen, Hen-Hsen Huang and Hsin-Hsi Chen

Exploring Data Augmentation for Code Generation Tasks
Pinzhen Chen and Gerasimos Lampouras

FVQA 2.0: Introducing Adversarial Samples into Fact-based Visual Question Answering
Weizhe Lin, Zhilin Wang and Bill Byrne

Generating Synthetic Speech from SpokenVocab for Speech Translation
Jinming Zhao, Gholamreza Haffari and Ehsan Shareghi

Global-Local Modeling with Prompt-Based Knowledge Enhancement for Emotion Inference in Conversation
Renxi Wang and Shi Feng

Grammatical Error Correction through Round-Trip Machine Translation
Yova Kementchedjhieva and Anders Søgaard

Headline Token-based Discriminative Learning for Subheading Generation in News Article
Joonwon Jang and Misuk Kim

Hierarchical Label Generation for Text Classification
Jingun Kwon, Hidetaka Kamigaito, Young-In Song and Manabu Okumura

How do decoding algorithms distribute information in dialogue responses?
Saranya Venkatraman, He He and David Reitter

How Many Data Samples is an Additional Instruction Worth?
Ravsehaj Singh Puri, Swaroop Mishra, Mihir Parmar and Chitta Baral

How Much Syntactic Supervision is “Good Enough”?
Hiroshi Noji and Yohei Oseki

Improving Numeracy by Input Reframing and Quantitative Pre-Finetuning Task
Chung-Chi Chen, Hiroya Takamura, Ichiro Kobayashi and Yusuke Miyao

Improving Retrieval Augmented Neural Machine Translation by Controlling Source and Fuzzy-Match Interactions
Cuong Hoang, Devendra Sachan, Prashant Mathur, Brian Thompson and Marcello Federico

Improving User Controlled Table-To-Text Generation Robustness
Hanxu Hu, Yunqing Liu, Zhongyi Yu and Laura Perez-Beltrachini

It’s about Time: Rethinking Evaluation on Rumor Detection Benchmarks using Chronological Splits
Yida Mu, Kalina Bontcheva and Nikolaos Aletras

MAFiD: Moving Average Equipped Fusion-in-Decoder for Question Answering over Tabular and Textual Data
Sung-Min Lee, Eunhwan Park, Daeryong Seo, DongHyeon Jeon, INHO KANG and Seung-Hoon Na

MCoNaLa: A Benchmark for Code Generation from Multiple Natural Languages
Zhiruo Wang, Grace Cuenca, Shuyan Zhou, Frank F. Xu and Graham Neubig

Mining Effective Features Using Quantum Entropy for Humor Recognition
Yang Liu and Yuexian Hou

More Robust Schema-Guided Dialogue State Tracking via Tree-Based Paraphrase Ranking
Alexandru Coca, Bo-Hsiang Tseng, Weizhe Lin and Bill Byrne

Multilingual BERT has an accent: Evaluating English influences on fluency in multilingual models
Isabel Papadimitriou, Kezia Yemima Lopez and Dan Jurafsky

Named Entity Recognition in a Very Homogenous Domain
Oshin Agarwal and Ani Nenkova

On the Generalization Ability of Retrieval-Enhanced Transformers
Tobias Norlund, Ehsan Doostmohammadi, Richard Johansson and Marco Kuhlmann

On the Role of Reviewer Expertise in Temporal Review Helpfulness Prediction
Mir Tafseer Nayeem and Davood Rafiei

Prompt-based Learning for Text Readability Assessment
Bruce W. Lee and Jason Hyung-Jong Lee

Relation Extraction with Weighted Contrastive Pre-training on Distant Supervision
Zhen Wan, Fei Cheng, Qianying Liu, Zhuoyuan Mao, Haiyue Song and Sadao Kurohashi

SharPT: Shared Latent Space Prompt Tuning
Bo Pang, Semih Yavuz, Caiming Xiong and Yingbo Zhou

Simple Yet Effective Synthetic Dataset Construction for Unsupervised Opinion Summarization
Ming Shen, Jie Ma, Shuai Wang, Yogarshi Vyas, Kalpit Dixit, Miguel Ballesteros and Yassine Benajiba

Strategize Before Teaching: A Conversational Tutoring System with Pedagogy Self-Distillation
Lingzhi Wang, Mrinmaya Sachan, Xingshan Zeng and Kam-Fai Wong

Towards a Unified Model for Generating Answers and Explanations in Visual Question Answering
Chenxi Whitehouse, Tillman E. Weyde and Pranava Madhyastha

Transfer Knowledge from Natural Language to Electrocardiography: Can We Detect Cardiovascular Disease Through Language Models?
Jielin Qiu, William Han, Jiacheng Zhu, Mengdi Xu, Michael Rosenberg, Emerson Liu, Douglas Weber and Ding Zhao

Transformer-based Models for Long-Form Document Matching: Challenges and Empirical Analysis
Akshita Jha, Adithya Samavedhi, Vineeth Rakesh, Jaideep Chandrashekar and Chandan K. Reddy

ViDeBERTa: A powerful pre-trained language model for Vietnamese
Cong Dao Tran, Nhut Huy Pham, Anh Tuan Nguyen, Truong Son Hy and Tu Vu